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Equilibrium Curing Calculator for Amazing Jerky and Bacon

This is the equilibrium curing calculator that I built to calculate cure ratios for curing my homemade Artisanal Applewood Smoked Bacon. It is presented here for informational purposes only! I make absolutely no claim to the accuracy of the information or resulting calculations. Mistakes made while home curing meat can be deadly.

The calculator is based on Pink Cure #1 as a default. Cure #1 has a Sodium Nitrite concentration of 6.25% and the rest of the filler is table salt (93.75%). Never use iodized salt! Weights here are critical and an accurate gram scale must be used.

Meat Curing Safety Notes

I am not an expert or professional in the art or science of curing meat. I have relied on information found on various internet forums and in the following USDA guide.

USDA Processing Inspectors’ Calculations Handbook

As a matter of policy, the Agency requires a minimum of 120 ppm of ingoing nitrite in all cured “Keep Refrigerated” products, unless the establishment can demonstrate that safety is assured by some other preservation process

USDA Publication 7620.3

Per the same guide, nitrate based cures should no longer be used in the bacon making process. Stay away from nitrate containing products (Morton Tender Quick, Cure #2, etc.) better suited to sausages and other dry cured meats.

This calculator was adapted from a version posted at Digging Dog Farm and information at Smoking Meat Forums about equilibrium curing.



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